Heat Sealer With Cutter What Does The Cutter Do ?.

We know that a heat sealer is a device that sits on the packaging bench if it is a basic heat sealer such as the C Type range from Hacona or if it is a heavy duty heat sealing machine that is used to seal either thicker material or is used more throughout the day such as the S Type from Hacona which can sit it on its own stand and be operated from a foot pedal.

Some cheaper makes of these devices again used to seal polythene on a roll, pre made bags from polypropylene or even multi-layer laminated materials do not have the sliding knife, so what is the knife used for ?.

When you make a bag and heat seal it across the top or the bottom then you can be left with an excess of film that makes the finished seal look untidy if at the bottom and if extra film is left at the top then it can detract from the presentability of your custom heat-sealed product.

With the more expensive heat-sealing devices such as those manufactured in Hungary by Hacona then this little but annoying problem is solved quite easily and does not have any impact on the heat sealing process be it by a simple heat sealing machine or if it is made using a more industrial heat sealing machine.

Every machine in the Hacona range is manufactured with a bidirectional cutting device to trim off any unwanted material after the heat seal has been made. Being bidirectional it means the knife can slide left to right or right to left and leave you with a neatly trimmed bag seal.

Other considerations when making what can be an expensive purchase of a reliable heat sealing machine be it for home use, industrial use or even in the food processing sectors where heat sealing is quite extensively used is can i maintain and get spare parts for my machine.

By using an established brand of heat sealing machine it often means that the whole of life costs, reliability and also longevity of your machine far out ways the savings made when purchasing a cheaper machine.

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