What Is a heavy duty heat sealer

Heat Sealers For Heavier Duty Use

This type of heat sealers can be a essential addition when it comes to packaging, A highly efficient method for sealing polythene, plastics, tubing, and more. Ideal for various industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Browse our extensive range of Hacona heat sealers and spare parts at Get me Packaging to ensure your machine stays in optimal condition.

We provide a range of Hacona Heat Sealers which are a sturdy and reliable bar sealer that comes with full service and readily available spare parts. This high-quality European-made product offers a superior standard compared to cheaper alternatives sold by other distributors.

The range is extensive and includes the C type and S type bag heat sealing machines. The C type sealer have a Sealing length that ranges from 220 mm to 820 mm and offer sealing of films with a 200 micron total thickness. 

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